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Re: Rhyming Conlangs

From:Irina Rempt-Drijfhout <irina@...>
Date:Monday, October 15, 2001, 6:43
On Monday 15 October 2001 01:29, you wrote:

> Irina Rempt-Drijfhout scripsit: > > > "syncopation" and "alien nation"? And is > > > "syncopation"/"oration" or "syncopation/occupation" considered > > > a better rhyme? > > > > Yes, I consider that a better rhyme in English, but it's probably > > a matter of taste. (I'd probably hear 'alien nation' as > > 'alienation' in the first case) > > "Syncopation/occupation" is technically known as "rich rhyme", and > is traditionally considered a fault, if unintentional, or a special > effect, if intentional.
I didn't actually mean that "syncopation/occupation" was a better rhyme than "syncopation/oration"; it was more of a "coffee or tea? yes, please" answer. All I meant that both of those sounded better to my ear than "syncopation/alien nation", because of the rhythm. I was thinking so much about Valdyan rhyme that I didn't even notice the difference in the two other English cases :-) In Valdyan of course, if Bears were Bees - erm, if Valdyans spoke English, all three of these would be too rich, in increasing measure of overdoing it: syncopation/nation (alien or not) syncopation/occupation nation/alienation These would be proper rhymes: syncopation/portion (on the verge of being too rich) syncopation/lenition (perfect) Irina -- --------------------------------------------------------------------- By my troth, we that have good wits have much to answer for. We shall be flouting; we cannot hold. - William Shakespeare, _As You Like It_