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Re: Terkunan revision

From:Henrik Theiling <ht@...>
Date:Saturday, November 3, 2007, 19:39

After the lengthy debate last time I posted about Terkunan, I fixed
and revised the language and the web site:

   - I (finally!) dropped the inclusive/exclusive distinction in
     1st person pronouns.  The pronouns are now 'mi' vs. 'nos'.
     'Our father' is now 'nos patre' instead of *'mis patre'.
     Sounds much better, I admit.

     This was one of the first things criticised on this list, and I
     finally managed to convince myself that I should not include this
     distinction in Terkunan.

   - The verbs are now explained and derived from frequentatives as
     Ray suggested.  Thanks for noting that it reads like a more
     plausible construction that way.

   - Some of the proposed historical explanations are given
     written down in history boxes.

   - And, tah-daaah!, something to play with: and interactive script
     to play with GMP, verb and noun generators:

     Please report bugs and oddities.