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McGuffey Readers now available in Tatari Faran!

From:H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>
Date:Monday, March 7, 2005, 7:12
As part of the ongoing commitment to stifl^H^H^H^H^H discourage OT
threads and YAxPT's with Tatari Faran posts, The Editors hereby
announce the publication of the electronic form of the Primer from the
classic McGuffey Readers in Tatari Faran(!). You may now view this
best-selling^H^H^H^H^Hviewing illustrated classic at:

Accompanying this momentus tome is a set of Tatari Faran utterances
illustrating 220 carefully^H^H^H^Halphabetically selected entries from
its lexicon. You can purchase^H^H^H^Hview this, uh, illustrative
collection here:

The next edition will include more entries from the lexicon, which is
now rumored to be 776 entries long of which 709 entries are single
words, 25 are phrases, 9 are affixes, and 33 are pseudo-entries. There
are 400 references and 103 cross-references in total.

The Editors regret to announce that due to technical inadeq^H^H^H^H
difficulties, no audio samples of Tatari Faran are available yet. In
the event that this unfortunate situation is rectified, no effort
whatsoever will be made to refrain from announcing the availability of
said audio samples. We apologize for the convenience.



But of course, I am *the* most humble person in the *whole* world!


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