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Re: OT: Corpses, etc. (was: Re: Gender in conlangs (was: Re: Umlauts (was Re: Elves and Ill Bethisad)))

From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Monday, November 10, 2003, 22:14
In a message dated 2003:11:09 06:52:38 PM, isidora@ZAMORA.COM quotes & writes:

>>--- Andreas Johansson <andjo@...> wrote: >> >> > That's why you've got these African throwing >> > knives with multiple curved >> > blades - they've always got something sharp in >> > front. >> >>That's cheating! That's worse than wearing >>armour! What kind of honourless scoundrels fight >>with weapons like that? > >Live ones? > >;)
According to Taoist martial arts and Sun Tzu's _Art of War_, strategy is the very opposite of European conceptualizations of "chivalry." A gentleman/knight "fought to demonstrate his aristocratic superiority - his prowess, virtue, or manner - the strategist fought to win. The knight never took advantage, while the strat- egist took every advantage he could" (Rick Fields, _The Code of the Warrior: in History, Myth, and Everyday Life_, 1991, ISBN 0-06-096605-X, pbk. edition). "And above all, dedicated to Force, they are triumphant victims of the internal logic of Force, which proves itself only by surpassing boundaries - even its own boundaries and those of its _raison d'etre_." - Georges Dumezil, _The Destiny of the Warrior_ In a message dated 2003:11:10 10:38:16 AM, andjo@FREE.FR writes:
>The trouble and attraction with conculturing is that it's open-ended. >Explanation is addictive.
No Joke! _LoL_ ---///// __/_//_/ __/_//_////// __/_//_/ __/_//_/ Hanuman "Stitch" Zhang (aka "Z") WOG (Wiley Oriental Gentleman ;) Avatar of Sun WuKong, a.k.a _Ma-Lau_ ("Monkey") a.k.a. "TricksterGod of the Glorious Anti-Imperialist Chinese Boxers"; ¡¡¡ TricksterShapeShifterIncarnate !!! >^..^< ';' ;P~~~ <A HREF="">Friendster - zHANgster</A> => om hung hanumatay rudratmakai hung phat <= mantra to Hanuman the Hindu Monkey TricksterGod <= thee prIs ov X.iztenz iz aetern'l warfaer 'N' kreativ playf'llnizz... => "I would rather be whole than good." ~ C. G. Jung "To try to be good, and disregard one's darkness, is to fall victim to the evil in ourselves whose existence we have denied." ~ John A. Sanford <A HREF="">Online Anarchy</A>
>Finally a religious statement I can agree with: >the Zoroastrian teaching that it is a sin for a person to be boring.
Only boring people get bored. "Life is all a great joke, but only the brave ever get the point." - Kenneth Rexroth googolgigglabyte goegolgiechelbijt - of - met een vette megagrijns GoogolGekicherByte googolrisibyte ===> el byte de la risita de googol googolrisadinhabyte ===> o byte de risadinha de googol googolspassoctet guugoIllolbijt gugolhihibajt gugolngisibayt okukolkikikol egúgelegigalibaith kiletstroknolyadgigabaiti cimacimakekehapi baitakhakhweifayatrauni ufi'auayinisuguguluarkhar pokatra oemadroabhethetre inarevuta yhiyhayhake nawyo AnekoMeppathmoTtilvatelmDiggulgyttahat va'i utne tuktukt'ishushukuko`g tuk go`go`o`gwgaga ggsngngsbd [gugulaNexebidi]