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Tense and aspect

From:Jonathan Jones <jonathan.jones@...>
Date:Saturday, September 15, 2001, 9:28

I was translating something into a language the other day, when I had
a funny thought. I was stuck on the phrase "having walked through".
I'd already decided that tense and aspect would be indicated by a
suffix hence:
"bisamvasor-ti~kun"  - walk-past/definate
(The purpose of this was to allow tense/aspect to be optional, and
also to allow me to invent other "modules" that could express eg. Hopi
style probability "tenses".)

I didn't know how to modify this to say "walked through". After
rejecting declension of the object, I was ready to just use an adverb
when it occurred to me: could it be said that "walked-through",
"walked-into", "walked-out of", etc. are spatial aspects? In other
words, an equivalent group to "walk", "will walk", "has walked", etc.?
Do any natlangs/conlangs treat them similarly?



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