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Re: Melville and cases

Date:Tuesday, January 11, 2000, 0:10
> -----Original Message----- > From: Constructed Languages List [mailto:CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU]On > Behalf Of John Cowan > Sent: Monday, January 10, 2000 11:41 AM > To: CONLANG@LISTSERV.BROWN.EDU > Subject: Re: Melville and cases
> Patrick Dunn wrote: > > > I was just reading Moby Dick (and enjoying it immensely) when I noticed > > something about Queequeg's dialect of English: He marks the accusative > > case almost invariably with "him". > > > > E.g. in chapter 66, Queequeg says, "Queequeg no care what god made him > > shark." I could see how this could become a case marker: shark (nom.) > > imshark (acc.) > > IIRC, South Seas pidgins use -im to mark transitivity of verbs, so > the reading is "god make-im shark" (the use of "made" is surely > contamination from Standard English, possibly Queequeg's but > more likely Melville's).
Ah! Is that somehow related to the "-um" that people sometimes add to words to "imitate" Native American speech? (E.g. "Me smokum peace pipe") Eric Christopherson