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Easy and Interesting Languages -- Website

From:Chris Bates <christopher.bates@...>
Date:Tuesday, May 25, 2004, 13:16
I was thinking of making a list of easy and interesting (from a
linguistic point of view) languages for people who speak various
languages to learn, if someone hasn't done it already, and putting it up
on my free webspace (which is doing nothing useful at the moment
really... I think there's an old page there). Anyone think it'd be a
good idea of want to suggest languages to go in either category for
native speakers of their language? I thought that the two categories
would vary from language to language, since what's easy and what's
interesting depends upon what you intuitively feel is the default.

For English I guess:

Relatively easy:
German (? Never learned much, I think that might actually not be that
easy for an english speaker, even though the two languages are not that
distantly related)
(Lots more... Suggestions welcome)

Relatively Interesting Languages:
Hungarian (+ Other Fino-Ugric languages)
Swahili (+ Other Bantu Languages)
Tagalog (+ Austronesian Languages)
(Lots more again...)

I'd write a blurb (or add one if someone else wanted to write it) as
well explaining why each is in the category it is. So if anyone thinks
this is worthwhile I'd be grateful for opinions and suggestions from
other people more knowledgeable than I, and also people whose native
tongue is other than english on what languages their native language
speakers might find easy and interesting. I just thought it'd be useful
for people who wanted to learn a foreign language for the fun of it on
the list, if they could see a list like that with explanations of why a
particular language was interesting, etc, see if anything caught their eye.
 Also, if anyone is interested there's a stub but no entry under Trigger
Languages (or Trigger System or something like that... there's a link on
the Tagalog entry) at Wikipedia... I tried hard to write an article to
add because I wanted to contribute, but I found that I couldn't describe
what a Trigger Language was well, and I always ended up using language
that'd just confuse someone who'd never read anything about linguistics
before. *sigh* Everyone tells me I'm a good teacher, but I couldn't get
it right.
 If something like this already exists could someone post me a link? :)


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