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Re: Manuscripts & Manuscript Abbreviations in Conlangs

From:Roger Mills <romiltz@...>
Date:Sunday, February 22, 2009, 6:02
(drat...went to deinx.nxtxr)

Elliott Lash wrote:
> Does anyone have any manuscripts written in their > conlangs (using a conscript)? If so, > does anyone use abbreviations as in actual > manuscripts?
(Kash) Not in mss., but several are given in the dictionary: ki (< (aran) kayi 'name alive') animate (noun) (in grammar) trk (< (aran) trakayi 'name un-alive') inanimate (noun) " " my (moyondi, old (now irreg.) 'its pattern') for example vi (vihatni 'its specific') to wit, i.e. mm (mule-mulet < mulet 'backwards') vice-versa pp (pinal puna 'number+house') street address (on forms e.g.) lkr (lekramon < lero kamon day+born 'birthday') date of birth " " (tr and kr are single characters) No punctuation is necessary since those aren't real "words"; perhaps they'd be written in "italics" Then there's la.ka.ho (ornately written in the old syllabary) Landin Kaçili Holundaka 'Bank of the Holundan People'-- more of a logo, appearing on its cornerstone and no doubt on checks and documents.