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Manuscripts & Manuscript Abbreviations in Conlangs

From:Elliott Lash <erelion12@...>
Date:Sunday, February 22, 2009, 1:03

Does anyone have any manuscripts written in their conlangs (using a conscript)? If so,
does anyone use abbreviations as in actual manuscripts?

Silindion has had abbreviations for a long time but I am currently expanding the set.
For interest, here is
what it looks like (using transliterations)

small y = i (when before e and sometimes on its own - always accompanied by two
dots/squiggle below it)

bar over any letter = double letter,    eg.   n-  =   nn

dot under any letter = copy of preceding vowel,   eg.  il.   =  ili

line before any letter = n,   eg.   |t =  nt

w. =   an  (at end of the word)
a + small m. = an (at end of the word) (these two are variants and are much
smaller than the actual letters a n)

t-   =  të  (when used as a single word)

squiggle under letter = lenition,  eg.   t~  =    s  (th)

upright squiggle on top of a letter =  delete letter,   eg.  a`  =   zero

iS  =   GOD

vowel on top of a letter =   following vowel

dot on top of a letter =  letter + a,  eg.   t' = ta

?al-   =  ALARIE

sil-  =   SILMA

a + ë  on top =    move following word to end of following line

litte t =  period

two little t's  sideways =  begin paragraph

colon  =   begin title

little a =   comma

raised little a =  apostrophe

If people are interesting I can try to place a manuscript on the Silindion
frathwiki pages to demonsrate this in more detail... Of course, all the above
are actually transcriptions so that the MS really looks completely different
from the above description.



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