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Re: Slang, idioms etc. in conlangs

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, April 3, 2001, 3:55
Andrew wrote:

>Am 03/31 18:47 Roger Mills yscrifef: > >> Andrew's Brithenig: >> >> gafar to have done (trans.) >> Assuming this is "to come": of the male: yawuwi, yawuwí, pron. ['jaU.wi]
>> [jaU.'i] (think yowee!)-- irreg. < ya/ruwi 'it flows'. Not sure about >> women. >> >The word is far more innocent than that. It means to have completed an >activity "Gaf-ti lawar?" "Si, eo af lawar" (have you finished the >washing up? Yes, I have done the washing). It's more idiom than >sexually explicit, although it could be used that way, I suppose.>
Apologies. I presumed. Since it was in a list with other naughty words. Also thought of Span. acabarse.;-)) One of my phonetics teachers-- a lovely (American) lady long resident in Europe and married IIRC to a Dane)-- liked to say things like: "Well, I've got to do the up-washing."


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