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1st email. Introducing Bakoyu: Babel text

From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Sunday, March 17, 2002, 23:33

Hello all!  I’m sort of a conlang-list-lurker, but I
thought I would pop out this time just to introduce my
new (sort of) conlang, Bakoyu, on the celebration day
marking its 1,000th word.  Thought I would include the
first translation of the babel text, little summary of
the languge and maybe even a song I wrote, if I find
the space.  Also thought I would give a little summary
of the language.  I think I will do this in separate
emails.  Here it goes-

Babel text (I will try this interlinear, sorry if it
doesn’t come out right after I send the email)

1.  De i gweimatlic ebl  ii    babuthta aq   ii
    And in earth      all   one language and one

zyaq yah   kezm.
abstract-breath (i.e. word) was.

2.  Nos i      iofuj   trzlan ksta; gentho plano    i
    They in journey east were; land flat (plain) in

zsainar kmatsnos, ki     frtf    pigl.
 Shinar found-they, and there settle.

3.  Nos i ebl           mor <Guidfa.  Boaths wumithlos
                 They to-each-other said“Come.  Bricks

ki mikve wuzilos.>  Ki zsairq boath ki
and well let-bake-us.” Like stone brick and

tumenq muchzlu kamido.
(like) tar mud they-used.

4.  Aso mor <Guidfa.  A los gyapo ki achazr chatath
     And said   “Come.  To us city   and tower top-its

i hekj       haina           ukl fuke      terrtsc
 in clouds in-order-that we through earth

ne  dwangob  na   zsemo wustanu.
not scatter-be this name let-be-it.

5.  Aso Adonai gyapo aq achazr moad beles
    And God       city and   tower  which sons

d’domtha bamb haina            enkl be  azsu   kadfa.
of'men  built   in-order-to them see down he-came.

6.  Adonai mor <Hine.  Ii       tha      ki       ii

    God      said  “Look.  One people and one

babuthta ezm.  Na fdgonos sa.         Lailai numa
language is.       This did-they begin.  Now that

moad zyaq nedwa                                    dgo
a nos
which abstract-no-wander (i.e., purpose) do to

blek sa.
them can begin.

7.  Guidfa.  Azsu ladfatla frtf,      ai haina

   Come.     Down us-come there, and in-order-to

nos  i  ebl                      ne     beth
them to-each-other  not understand

babuthtamoch wudlos.
language-their let-confuse-us.

8.  Aso Adonai nos eli             frtfj fuke
   And God  them  from-there there through earth

ebl kpigl.  Gyapo   bamb kdechnos.
  all  scattered.  City build left-them.

9.  Ez nal,         ez       Adonail babuthtamoch

    Because this, because God language-their

kudl                   ki  Adonail eli frtfj
 confused and (because) God from-there there them

kpigl,        zsemoth ezm Babel.
scattered, name-its is Babel.

Introducing Bakoyu continues . . . . .

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