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2nd email - Introducing Bakoyu: Language highlights

From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Sunday, March 17, 2002, 23:44
Language highlights

It finally has a name!!!!!!  Bakoyu is what it is
called.  Ba- as in “Baa baa black sheep”.  -koyu
rhymes with the malaysian pronunciation of soya.  From
"Bae" meaning speach, speaking, and "koyu" meaning

23 consonants b,p,v,f,th (as in THrough), z (sh), s,
g, k, ch (Quichua “j” or German “baCH”), d, t, j (as
in english Jack), c (english Chocolate), l, ll (Welsh,
I think) r (english) rr (Spanish) h, m, n, y (english
Yuck) and w (english Wagon).

5 long vowels, 4 short vowels, 5 diphthongs, and 3
timed vowels.  Sorry, my vowels are marked by accents
marks and I couldn’t show this in my babel text.  Most
are long vowels anyway.

Notes:  Z can never stand alone at the beginning of a
word.  K changes to a glottal stop at the end of a
word = -q.

No articles, quantifiers and most adjectives before
the noun, extensive pronoun system of formal, general,
informal and honorific pronouns and their declensions.
 Five declensions: spatial, temporal, causal,
attributive, manner. (This is one of the coolest parts
of my conlang) Prepositional phrases always headed by
a preposition, then head noun.  Adverbs before verbs.
S O V*.  Three basic tenses - past, present, future.
Ten moods: indicative, soft imperative, hard
imperative, friendly exclamatory, hostile exclamatory,
wish, entreaty, uncertainty, sorrow, irrealis.  The
irrealis is used only in If-clauses.  A very loose
rule that words can have no more than three syllables,
root verbs no more than one.

*  A funny little note.  When I first started this
conlang, I determined this sentecal order:  SOV.
But often my subject is expressed as a pronoun
attached to the verb as a suffix.  So now I am
noticing this trend - OVS.  Ex.  Lo bakoyu gra.  I
write Bakoyu.  turns into:  Bakoyu gralo.

Another interesting aspect of Bakoyu:  Hand verbs.  I
got this idea from Cherokee.  Instead of expressing
person and number by the pronouns (lo, mo, no, los,
mos, nos; 1ps, 2ps, 3ps, 1pp, 2pp, 3pp) I have a
system for a few select verbs (24) that expresses
Subject and INdirect object all in one affix.
Gra = write, regular verb     Do = give, hand verb.
La gra               I write
Tsido                   I give
La a no gra     I write to him
Sido                    I give to him
La bakoyu a no gra              I write bakoyu to him
Bakoyu sido                   I give bakoyu to him.
La no nu gra                   I write it to him.
Sidonu                          I give it to him.

Introducing Bakoyu continues. . . . .

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