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Re: OT: Test, please ignore

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <bpjonsson@...>
Date:Friday, November 24, 2006, 10:07
Philip Newton skrev:
 > On 11/23/06, Benct Philip Jonsson
 > <bpjonsson@...> wrote:
 >> Am I getting mail from this list? To which address? Is it
 >> the forwarding from gmail that is broken?
 > Are you being bitten by Gmails de-duping?


 > If you send something from Gmail to a mailing list that
 > you're subscribed to, then when it arrives, Gmail will
 > dump the message since it notices that it's a duplicate of
 > the message it put in your Sent Mail folder. This makes it
 > difficult to see your messages the way others will. (If
 > you receive multiple copies of the same thing -- say,
 > someone posts a message with three mailing lists in the
 > To: line, all of which you are subscribed to --, then I
 > think you'll also only see that message once, due to the
 > de-duping.)

Yes, this was what happened, obviously. More importantly
due to this the message was never forwarded to my account
on my own domain, as all messages sent to the gmail
account would normally be. This confused me. I'll remember
to BCC my own domain the next time I send something from
the Gmail account(*).

Thanks for explaining!

(* Yes, I'm an email packrat, regularly archiving my mailbox
files and saving them on a CD. It's in my blood, because
when my father died I found that he'd saved virtually every
piece of paper he ever received or wrote in cardboard files
in the attic. I threw most of it away confident :-/ that the
labels on the files were accurate. Compared to that digital
packratting is at least less space-consuming!)


/BP 8^)>
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