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Re: OT: Test, please ignore

Date:Tuesday, July 18, 2006, 17:32
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testing to see if i can send mail to the list (apparently none of my previous
messages have gotten through)

- --
"We are the grassroots that bring change. We are the U-bend under the sink of
society. You can try to clean us up, but we collect again. We are those who
think that site mods went the way of Silicon Graphics. You can assert
authority and we will circumvent it. You can impose rules and we will break
them. You can delete us and we will return. We are 4chan, iichan, 420chan,
OnionChan, wtfux, and 0chan. We are /b/, /a/, /m/, /k/, and letters not yet
used. We are nameless gatherers - and we have power beyond a deletion option.
In the open fields of the Internet, we are nowhere and everywhere - there is
no stopping, controlling, coercing, or intruding upon us. We are limitless.
You can join us and it will end the troubles you have faced, or you can stand
against us and never truly win. [...] We will make the truth known and it
will either be ruin or nothing at all. The censorship will end, or we will
end the censorship."
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