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Open Source / community based Language

From:Kasunagi Helkran <kasunagi@...>
Date:Thursday, December 5, 2002, 20:02
i thinking about a "open source" language, it would be an atempt to see
what happens when communication happens on a large scale, with the basis
being that  usr a, mods the lang then usr b also does, what happen to it in
thir hand what was done that was the same what did they change? how would
it evolve, if usr a's mod is more accepted that b's, what happen if usr c
took even a diffrent route? this may be a little more than i can handle :)
but it would be nice to what happens, as it may provide just a little more
to ponder when considering language and the human psyche.

This could also be the defineing thing into seeing how languages evolve
when small groups are involved and isolated from each other,   or how a
language evolves when used en-masse, with people useing it, and modifiying
it to thir likeing.

mabe this is a bad idea, but i had it is i posted it
Sean Wahl


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