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Vocab 2.7 in Kash

From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Thursday, December 5, 2002, 5:46
>1. machinery-- añapral, coll. noun < apral 'device, machine' > To repair machinery is difficult.
yarakop rundenjis añapral (rundenjus caus. of lenjis 'repaired' itself a compd. < leñ 'good', cis 'again')
>2. into-- usually, ri plus dative, implying motion; here, in an idiom... > Entering into marriage is a serious matter.
mepu vunu ri anjetreye hañu, pris (acal) vaçat make course to marriage-DAT soul (religious marriage), step (matter) serious/grave/having consequences. (Civil marriage _anjetre umut_ is not as serious a matter, a visit to the town clerk and, if desired, an informal declaratory ceremony at home afterwards)
>3. wicked-- traleleñ 'evil, unrighteous; ethically bad' (There should be a
less loaded word I think....)
> She wants to be a wicked woman.
yamelo yukar kaçuma traleleñ she-wants become woman wicked
>4. mid- ri cini(ni) in the middle (of)...; with exp. of time, better to
include ri anju 'at the time (of...)
> Mid-century, being a wicked woman was dangerous
ri anju cinini pehandrok, yanombuksa pun kaçuma yatraleleñ at time middle-its century, it-dangerous-past if woman she-wicked maybe better: ........kaçumaye cakanombuk pun traleleñ ....woman(dat.) [overcome by/in great danger] if wicked
>5. turn---ñeñelur 'take turns' < ñelur 'to weave', but here simply > It's your turn.
hate, na "to you, eh". More formal: haté ya for _hate yale_ 'to-you it-is'
> He needs to turn around.
sanjeni, yamaçan 'necessity of it, he turns around'
>6. historical-- amavangi 'history', formal amavangika(le) historical <
vavangi antiquity < vangi 'old-style, old-fashioned'
> They want to study historical documents.
imelo telañ añuriç amavangi(ka) they-want study things-written history(-ical)
>7. upset-- tindis, caka- very..., alarmed etc. > We are upset about his coming.
mitindis lire yarata -- or ...lire poro yarata we-upset [with respect to that liri-re] he comes-- or, going-to he comes
>8. him-- proclitic dative ne (full ine), proclitic acc. yan (full iyan) > We need to tell him.
sanjeni, ne mirungaya necessity-of it, to-him we-inform (rum-kaya 'cause to know')
>9. damage-- (lit.) vb. mace, noun ambace; (fig.) various....... > They are trying to damage our reputation.
içasa irumecut arambim they-try they-besmirch (make dirty) name-our
> It took a lot of damage in the battle.
yawupan pando ambace riyanjuni tenar (yu) it-receive much damage at-time-of (during) battle (that/the)
>10. apparatus-- apral > This apparatus needs to be repaired.
apral tayu, sanjeni (pron.)-rundenjis device this, necessity-its (I, you, we etc.)repair