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Re: Open Source / community based Language

From:Kasunagi Helkran <kasunagi@...>
Date:Monday, December 9, 2002, 3:20

Ummm... my original idea was to do a simple study of how a 'natural'
language evolved, but limit it to a two branches of the proto-worlds
languages, and further more to isolate those branches from other languges,
and see what happens on one branch, while another branch is also under
going evolution and change and see what difrences there are between the two
branches, the branches would be based off of real world bracnches (
probobly indoEuro, and some asiatic) that share little in common and would
be simplified, so that of the proto languge could be infered but not tied
to any current language ( I would use Conlangs for this), then i give one
group one of the proto languges to do with as they please, whist the other
group gets the other, this way when one group gets to a point in the
fictional history say when ships become availble, and the two languges
meet, how are they diffrent, and how are the the same, obviouly this would
be tainted but it shead a little light on how languges evolve after first
contact with another (or has this been researched to high he;; and you are
tired of hearing this, if so please tell me to shut up ;))

well bye and sorrfy for the long post
hey if any one wants to chat i'm on yahoo as KasunagiX
Sean Wahl

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