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Re: Some interesting stuff...

From:David Peterson <digitalscream@...>
Date:Friday, April 20, 2001, 17:43
In a message dated 4/20/01 10:12:20 AM, ray.brown@FREEUK.COM writes:

<< >            -------Iterative---------
>Ready-----Start-----Process-----Finish-----Result > - - - > - Interupt - - Continue >Cancel Suspend
I understand the Ready-Result axis, but it's not clear to me how the other aspects (iterative, cancel, interrupt etc) are meant to relate to it. >> Sorry, that's my fault. I'm no good at making diagrams with a regular keyboard on a computer screen. There should be a line between "ready" and "cancel" (indicating that you can be ready to do something but that you don't have to do it, in which case you cancel). "Iterative" is to point out that you can do the "start/process/finish" part over and over again (lather, rince, repeat). The last part is there should be a line going from "process" pointing to "suspend" and then a line from "suspend" going back to "process". The line from "process" indicates that you interupt the action in question, so that the action is suspended. If you stop, then that goes to "cancel" or "finish". If you continue, then you go back up to "process" and keep going. As for "scribonta", isn't that the quality of not so much ready, as fact in the future? Writing that will occur at a later date? Anyway, but my main point was to explain my poor little diagram. I hope that's better now. : ) -David