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Re: My masterpiece, part 2 (long)

From:jogloran <exponent@...>
Date:Saturday, February 23, 2002, 1:42
Jesse Bangs <jaspax@J...> wrote:


Conlangers and Conculturalists:

This is the English translation of the Yivríndil text I posted in my
previous message.  Again, I'm not expecting detailed comments, but I'd
like to know if anyone at least read it.

Jesse S. Bangs     Pelíran

Quite impressive in its sheer length; I must admit I haven't read it all as of now, but I am still impressed. One day when and if my conlang reaches anything resembling maturity, and if I have nothing else important to do ;) I might do one of these "masterpiece" texts for my conlang... Imperative