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Re: Weekly Vocab #2.1.28 (repost #1)

From:Lars Finsen <lars.finsen@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 19, 2008, 15:27
I'd like to do one of these in Sora Suraetua, to rehearse a little
for the relay. I still don't think I have the proper feel for this
language, and I need some exercise.

BTW, Sore Suraetua is only a provisional name. It simply means "Old
Suraetua" in Suraetua. It should have a name in itself, but what?
Suraetua in Sora Suraetua is Hiksjuraranithwara, a little unwieldy,
but this is perhaps pertinent for the language (see below). The
meaning is "means for telling". But perhaps I can simply use the word
hihinusa, "language." Or hihinauju, "speaking."

>> 1. alley
qoldaqra - passage between houses
>> I got lost in an alley the other day.
Angaksjawala qoldaqrahanwe ngaraihihwanannaiz. (day-adv alley-loc go-bad-1s-past)
>> 2. thug
wangarakwana - one that does bad deeds
>> Two thugs appeared out of nowhere.
Gwiga wangarakwanawqe aharasader hikwoksjakangamatsjiz. (two thug-pl-{abs} no-abl take.form-3p-past)
>> 3. knife
>> They had long knives.
Lukususawqe aqrahitatawqe hiwadamatsjiqeiz. (long-pl knife-pl wield-3s-erg-past)
>> 4. mug
ngarakwahara - steal, rob
>> I think they were trying to mug me, but they didn't say much.
Ngarakwaharatelungaranamatsjiqeiz, ahara hawnasa hihinaumatsjiz. (rob-try-subj-1s-3p.erg-past, not much say-3p-past)
>> 5. police / civil guard
wahijanatsjainwehisu - watcher of the order
>> Before they reached me, the police arrived.
Nasedir hihatarmatsjaksja, wahijanatsjainwehisu gweroksjala hihatarlamuniz. (1s-allative move-3p-rel, police before-adv move-term-3s-past)
>> 6. brawl
murksukaju - act of fighting with fists
>> There was a bit of a brawl.
Wana murksukaju juthwaz. (slight brawl be-apass-past)
>> 7. to imprison
warksalainara - hem in at an enclosure kwahara, hidukan - capture, hold
>> The thieves didn't want to be imprisoned.
Ahara wangarakwaharawqe warksalainarathwarhanamatsjiz. (not thief-pl imprison-apass-des-3p-past)
>> 8. to surrender
hiksuwanithwa - give-antipassive
>> At last, one surrendered, but the other was already dead.
Oksjamatsjana murksajuwanala hiksuwanithwamuniz, garagwiga hilkswawanaithwamuniz. (1-3p-gen fight-pfv-adv surrender-3s-past, ord-2 dead-pfv-apass-3s-past)
>> 9. corpse
hilakswamuru - dead-body
>> His corpse is loose and flabby like fat cut from a steak.
Hilakswamurumunana eksewawaratsja tahabahikwamuniz sejmaksja hikwaraksjaradesader tawaniwana. (corpse-3s-poss loose-and flabby-3s-past fat-rel steak-abl cut-pfv)
>> 10. god(s)
>> God/The gods alone will judge him now.
Bere zwelawqeiqe munihari wandala gwigadawamatsjath. (alone god-pl-erg 3s-dat now judge-3p-fut) LEF


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