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Re: Debeo (was: Mood names)

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Saturday, January 25, 2003, 15:32
The below seems to imply that "debitive" should rather mean "ought" than
"must". Any other ideas?


>From: John Cowan <jcowan@...> >Roger Mills scripsit: > > > I suspect it may have meant both "ought" and "must/have to"-- but that's > > based on its Romance meanings. Latin experts, speak up. > >Thus spake those undoubted Latin experts, Messrs. Lewis & Short >(quotations deleted; original text at > > > >dêbeo < dehibeo , -ui, -itum, 2, v. a. [de-habeo] , (lit., to have >or keep from some one: hence, to owe (Gr. opheilo^; opp. reddo, solvo, >dissolvo, >persolvo, freq. and class.). > > I. Lit., of money and money's worth. > > II. Trop., to owe something, i. e. to be under obligation, both > to and for something. > > A. To owe, i. e. to be bound or under obligation to render, > pay, etc., something > > With inf., to be bound, in duty bound > to do something; I ought, must, should, > etc., do it (in class. prose always in > the sense of moral necessity; in the > poets sometimes for necesse est) > b. Pass., to be due or owing > > 2. Poet. > > a. To owe, i. e. to be bound or destined by fate > or by nature. --More usually, pass., to be due > i. e. to be destined: > > b. So, what one is destined by the fates > to suffer is regarded as his debt > > B. To owe something to some one, to be indebted to or to > have to thank one for something. > > Absol., to be indebted, obliged, > under obligation to one > > C. To continue to owe something; i. e. to withhold, keep back: > >-- >My confusion is rapidly waxing John Cowan >For XML Schema's too taxing: > I'd use DTDs > If they had local trees -- >I think I best switch to RELAX NG.
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