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CHAT: Subtitles (was: Re: Proto-Romance)

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Wednesday, March 24, 2004, 20:29
En réponse à Joe :

>Of course, 'thou' still exists in English(as 'tha') in the North. I was >under the impression that 'gij' was mostly found in Flemish.
Indeed, but dialects don't care about political border, and there is a continuity of dialects between Flemish and Dutch. My boyfriend comes from the South of Brabant (at a few kilometers from the border) and his dialect is very close to Flemish dialects. _____________________________________________________________________________ En réponse à Barry Garcia :
>I've noticed a slight trend among some shows in the US to subtitle people >who have very strong regional US accents, such as a thick southern twang. >I've always been able to understand any US accent i've heard, but >apparently the people who run these shows feel a need to subtitle the >people speaking on them.
I also have normally no problem understanding Dutch people that according to TV people need to be subtitled (apart maybe from people speaking a very thick Gronings or Limburgs), but I am a foreigner and interested in languages at that :) . But I can understand that a Brabanter who didn't travel and live all around the Netherlands (like my friend did) would have difficulties understanding a Rotterdamer speaking his dialect. The differences are quite big :) . _____________________________________________________________________________ En réponse à Dirk Elzinga :
>It's been my impression that subtitles are used where the sound quality >isn't great *and* the regional accent is rather pronounced. > >I do remember being amused that the Dutch subtitled Belgians. I'm sure >the Belgians return the favor.
Indeed. I saw once "Baantjer" (a Dutch police series) subtitled on Belgian TV, while all the actors spoke a very good approximation of ABN! (Algemeen Beschaafd Nederlands, the closest thing to a standard Dutch) I found that really strange :) . _____________________________________________________________________________ En réponse à Thomas Leigh :
>I discovered this recently, and found it highly amusing. We get >a Dutch-language channel (BVN) on the satellite TV, which I like >to watch even though I don't understand anything, just because I >love the sound of Dutch (the language has always felt very >"comfortable" to me, like I *ought* to understand it even though >I don't!).
Hehe, I agree that Dutch is quite pleasing to hear. Speaking it is a nice experience too :)) .
> Anyway, there's this Belgian cop drama they show -- I >forget the name, "Flikken" or something, maybe -- and it's all >subtitled. Which is hilarious, because like 95% of it or more is >absolutely identical.
Hehe, I saw that too :)) . But still, seeing Baantjer, a Dutch program, subtitled in Dutch (meaning that the subtitles were 99% identical to the spoken words ;))) ) on Belgian TV was over the top ;))) .
> The occasional different word or >expression, but that's it. It would be like taking a show from >the UK on PBS and subtitling it into "American". I absolutely >adore the Belgian accent though. Gorgeous.
The funny part with Belgians is that Walloonians (French-speaking Belgians) have the same kind of accent when they speak French! ;))
>That cop show is probably my favorite show they have. Apart from >that it's mostly language-oriented game shows (like "Lingo" and >"Tien Voor Taal" -- the latter is great because it pits Dutchmen >and Belgians against each other!)
And it's great to learn the language! I used to watch it each week to improve my Dutch. Today I watch mostly "Get the Picture" (which despite its English title is a Dutch game ;)) ). "Herexamen" is also a good one. Do you receive it?
> and choral singing shows >("Nederland Zingt" -- aaaigh!)
Ouch! ;))) Do you get any soap? (Goede Tijden Slechte Tijden comes to mind. In this soap they speak quite slowly and simply, so much that a method for teaching Dutch to foreigners has been developped based on this soap! ;)) ) Christophe Grandsire. You need a straight mind to invent a twisted conlang.


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