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Names of people

From:Carlos Thompson <chlewey@...>
Date:Monday, February 22, 1999, 1:32
FFlores wrote:

> Hi. I'm still Pablo Flores but, as you see, > I've changed my mail account name. The first > "F" is supposed to mean "family". My brother is > going to subscribe to another list and we guessed > this was the best to avoid confussion. > > Speaking of which, it would be interesting to > know about naming tendencies in concultures. > For example, are there first and last names > (surnames)? Which order do they come in? etc.
In modern Hangkerim there is a family name which usualy comes from the mothers family name, and a given name which is usualy chosen by the father. This is the official name every individual is recognized by the bureaucracy. When each Hangkerimre joins a "club" will chose a name s/he will be recognized by the club members, this name is his club name. Usually a Hangkerimre will be known for the society by the name of the club, close friends or club members will use the club name, while he will be recognice by his primary family with his given name. After I have no enough vocabulary and naming system yet I will exemplify like this: My mother family name is Pinz=F3n, PIN/ZUN^ in Hangkerimce. My father would have chosen Carlos as my given name, KA^RU\LU~ in Hangkerimce. Then may Oficial name would have been KA^RU\LU~-PIN/ZUN^, my parents, syster, uncles, aunts, etc. would call me KA^RU\LU~. When I grew up I would join the Conlang club: KUN^LAN^; and chosed Chlewey as my name: HI\YU^HI\. Common people on streat would call me KUN^LAN^ and my friends and other conlangers would call me HI\YU^HI\. Those names are not official and many Hangkerimre are not part of any club. They will use their given-family name their whole life. Given names are usualy chosen after historical names: the name of a king, a Semtalika goddess, a holy (wo)man; or names of animals. Christian Hangkerimre would chose a Christian name like PA^HU\LU~ (Paul), or a Jewish Hangkerimce a Jewish name. For the club name, a Hangkerimre many Hangkerimre will use their family or given name but most of the cases will chose a name based in their personality, like a nikname from schooll, or the name of an animal or a celestial phenomenom. -- H=ECy=FBh=EC K=FBngl=E2ng (K=E2r=F9l=FC P=EDngz=FBng) -- Hiyuhi Kunglang (Karulu Pingzung)