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Re: Atlantean Corpus

From:Tom Tadfor Little <tom@...>
Date:Friday, July 13, 2001, 18:03
At 04:26 PM Sunday 7/8/01, you wrote:
>Thus the sentence "LEH-weg-tem SHEE-buhn puhk BEN-tem DEE-gen-mil SAH-tib" >turns out >like _Léwegtem shíban pak béntem dígenmil sátib_. > >Does this make sense, or would you prefer to use another system? Does >anyone have examples of writing in the Atlantean alphabet to say how that >works?
Makes perfect sense. One of the first things I did was start transcribing the corpus in a way almost identical to what you have done; I just couldn't bear to start looking at the language itself with those horrid things from the script. I got a bored about 3/4 of the way through, and put it aside, though. I had the passing thought that the shwas might actually be PIE laryngeals. Anyone tried to match up Atlantean words with PIE roots yet? Cheers, Tom ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tom Tadfor Little Santa Fe, New Mexico (USA) Telperion Productions ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~