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The one already done

From:tristan alexander mcleay <zsau@...>
Date:Saturday, June 30, 2001, 13:26
While everyone's talking about spelling reform:

Do americans spell aero- as ero-? (For example, do they spell
'aerodrome' as "erodrome" (I know they spell 'aeroplane' as "airplane",
and pronounce it to match, and that's the only diff i remember seeing).
If not, why not? They spell 'mediaeval' as "medieval" (pointless, IMHO,
because it no longer suggests two vowels), aesthetic as esthetic, why
have I never seen aero- as ero-?

Also, does anyone know Webster's logic behind respelling 'colour' as
"color", but not 'source' as "sorce", which, being a stressed vowel,
would need it more, IMHO.



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