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Hiksilipsi complex segments (was: RE: [CONLANG] me again

From:And Rosta <a-rosta@...>
Date:Wednesday, May 22, 2002, 22:02
Jesse Bangs:
> Hiksilipsi, my oft-revised tonal language, has /ps/ and /ks/ > as unit phonemes, along with the nasal occlusives /mp/ and /Nk/. But > there is no /ts/ or /nt/, as both of those have already been assimilated > away. > > The analysis of these as single phonemes is motivated by the fact that > Hiksilipsi allows no word-final consonants, which implies no consonants in > coda positions--yet words such as /apsu/ are perfectly fine. The > syllabification must therefore be /a.psu/. Looking at other words reveals > that the set of allowable onset clusters is quite limited--in fact, > restricted to just four phonetic clusters: [ps ks mp Nk]. The best > analysis, then, and the one I support, is to regard these as unit > phonemes, and to say that Hiksilipsi has a strict prohibition against > onset clusters and coda consonants.
The second argument is clear, but I don't understand the first. There are well-known languages (e.g. Italian) that have no final consonants but that do have coda consonants. (And there are languages, e.g. Wolof, iirc, that have word-final consonants but no coda consonants.) --And.


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