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Re: a "natural language" ?

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, November 29, 2004, 19:33
Mark J. Reed wrote:
> I keep running across that term "sandhi". Does that just mean the rules > that determine which allophone is chosen in a given phonetic > environment, or is something else going on? >
It can be purely phonetic, but also morphophonemic (changes to the base form). In most cases, it probably involves assimilation of one sort or another. Consider: Skt. root {ruc} 'shine': present (with guna ="add -a- to root") > rocati r-a-uc+a+ti r.guna.uc+theme V+3pers. root {bhu} 'be' : present bhavati = bh.guna.u+a+ti in this case the a-u > av because a vowel follows. Treatment of aspirates/voicing in clusters: budh- 'enlighten' + -ta 'participle' > buddha There's a prefix /niC-/ 'un-' (I forget what the underlying C is) that shows up as nir-, nis.- and others depending on the following C or V. I think Kash r-metathesis is an example too: nimbur 'remember' + -to 'future' > nimbutro; also in several irregular (fossilized) formations like sotrelo < week /sor 'seven' + lero 'day'/. I'm not sure how tone sandhi works; probably something like: High followed by Low > Falling, or maybe mid-low, or high-mid. I'll have to work on this for Gwr, probably re-inventing the wheel in the process :-))))


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