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Re: When are Pitch-accents and Tonemes too bothersome?

From:Thomas R. Wier <trwier@...>
Date:Friday, April 16, 2004, 2:39
Garth Wallace scripsit:
> >Cantonese has 11 tones at the emic level: split ping, shang, and qu > >tones; high, medium, and low ru tones; and two "changed" (morphemic) > >tones. Etically there are only six, or seven in older usage. > > Wait, how can there be more tones at the emic level than at the etic > level?
That's not too difficult: two are neutralized in certain contexts (but two different ones, or we couldn't tell there were two). Or, for those of a more morphological slant (like me), some words simply have tonal allomorphs that are triggered by some phonological environment. ========================================================================= Thomas Wier "I find it useful to meet my subjects personally, Dept. of Linguistics because our secret police don't get it right University of Chicago half the time." -- octogenarian Sheikh Zayed of 1010 E. 59th Street Abu Dhabi, to a French reporter. Chicago, IL 60637