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'and' clitic in Latin (-que) and Kalaallisut (-lu)

From:Henrik Theiling <theiling@...>
Date:Wednesday, April 14, 2004, 16:17

I have a question regarding Latin in particular, and a request for
comments on coordination clitics in general:

I recently found it very interesting how Kalaallisut added clitics to
phrases: the clitic '-lu' expressing 'and' is suffixed to the first
word, however long that is (and it can be very long in Kalaallisut),
of the next, connected phrase.

Without knowing this, I intuitively added the corresponding suffix in
S7 to the end of the *head* of the next phrase, because I thought it
was most natural to

   a) prefix the clitic to the first word of the next phrase

      [A1 A_HEAD A2] [and-B1 B_HEAD B2]

   b) suffix the clitic to the last word of the preceding phrase

      [A1 A_HEAD A2-and] [B1 B_HEAD B2]

   c) suffix it to the head of one of the two phrases

      [A1 A_HEAD A2] [B1 B_HEAD-and B2]

I found it very unusual to
   d) suffix it to the first word of the next phrase

      [A1 A_HEAD A2] [B1-and B_HEAD B2]

I did not want to have prefixes, so b), c) and d) were possible.  I
did not want it in the previous sentence, so c) and d) were possible.
I judged d) to be very, very constructed and unnatural, so I did c).

So I found the Kalaallisut way very, very constructed.  I wasn't sure
about Latin, however, but suspected it attaches the word to the head.
It is not easy to judge for me,  since I think
noun + adjective/genitive/participle is always head-first, so it
meets c) and d) at the same time.  What about clauses?  Can they be
combined with -que?  Or only 'et'.  Which of the following sentences
are correct in Latin:

  Brutus venit Caesarque vincit.
  Brutus venit Caesar vincitque.

Or is it only possibly if the head is first:
  Brutus venit vincitque Caesar.

Or maybe only:
  Brutus venit et Caesar vincit.


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