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Re: poem -- Maybe some rain

Date:Sunday, May 7, 2000, 15:15
In the tongue of the Swlos:

(vowels are as their long values in English; @ is schwa; hl is Welsh ll;
hs is English sh; accent on penultimate syllable of root.)

fwr ronhsyr ronhsyr fwlhiu sp@t@n:
ystl@n swrvyrd do@t ystl@n fwhliu hiryms@n
hsol@n v@kt don hsol@n hyrwy fwhliu t@ren@n
vorl fwmor tormu kun.

Maybe some rain is pattering:
fwr ronhsyr ronhsyr fwhliu sp@t@n;
fw.r ronhsyr ronhsyr fwli.u sp@t.@n
some.THING rain rain maybe.EVENT patters.PLURAL-MANY

Maybe the trees in the ravine are whispering
yslt@n swrvyrd do@t ystl@n fwhliu hiryms
ystl.@n swrvyrd do.@t ystl.@n fwhli.u hiryms.@n
tree.PLURAL-MANY ravine of.PLACE tree.PLURAL-MANY maybe.EVENT whisper.PLURAL-MANY

Or maybe the maple leaves are scattering
(yes, I took liberties with this line, but my conlang wasn't quite up to the
original version)
hsol@n v@kt don hsol@n hyrwy fwhliu t@ren@n
hsol.@n v@kt do.n hsol.@n hyr.wy fwhli.u t@ren.@n
leaf.PLURAL-MANY maple of.BEING leaf.PLURAL-MANY or.IDEA maybe.EVENT scatter.PLURAL-MANY

In a gale at midnight.
vorl fwmor tormu kun.
vorl fwmor torm.u ku.n.
gale midnight at.EVENT in.BEING

eli .
gone to croatan