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Re: poem -- Maybe some rain

From:yl-ruil <yl-ruil@...>
Date:Monday, May 1, 2000, 8:59
From: Patrick Dunn wrote:

> Maybe some rain is pattering; > Maybe the trees in the ravine are whispering > Or it may be the maple leaves scattering > In a gale at midnight.
The Kansu lexicon won't stand up to this, unfortunately. Here's an Aredos version: an anicuodí plúá tembétor an derí tumbui sihianéntor uel an pornoi taláe disfugéntor uetromi sinocuoto. Interlinear: an anicuodí plúá tembétor maybe some rain-nom-p falls-subj-3p-med an derí tumbui sihianéntor maybe trees-nom valley-loc whispers-subj-3p-med uel an pornoi taláe disfugéntor or maybe leaves-nom birch-gen scatter-subj-3p-med uetromi sinocuoto. gale-inst midnight-loc. The maple does not exist in the Cendos subcontinent, so I substituted birch. "An" governs the subjunctive. Dan ------------------------------------------------------------------ I chirikleski kul chi perel duvar pe yek than The droppings of the flying bird never fall twice on the same spot ------------------------------------------------------------------