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Re: CHAT: a conlang of my very own :) (was: Re: unsubscribing)

From:Kendra <kendra@...>
Date:Saturday, June 1, 2002, 6:36
> > A, p`i"uti`f'l :) Ha`u t`i`t` i"u ku`m tu mek þ`a`t > laik þ`a`t? tiri'n, > > u"i`t"x aim raitiq i`n, i`s` e fone`ti`k > re`pris`'ntexu`n u`f` þ`u` tiri'n > > skri`pt, p`oþ i`nf`e`nt'd p`ai mai fre`nt` t`"x`e`f. > Hi`lariu`sli, nu`n u`f` > > a`ur u`þ`'r fre`nt`s` ka`n d'saif'r i`t :) > > Ai e`nt`"x`oi al þu` fu`nki kari`kt'rs` i`n þ`a`t. > Ai, tu, rait nots i`n > > sikri`t spe`liq, þ`o i`n þ`u a`kt"xu'l skri`pt, i`t > i`s` mu`t"x fa`st'r :) > > By the way, funky is not the _word_ for yours <g>. > I've never seen one quite like that before, which I'm > sure is the point, it's neat :). When you write it by > hand, what does it look like, do you move the > diacritics, or what?... >
Not mine really; my sexy and brilliant friend Jeff made it up. I'm far too embarrassed of anything _I'VE_ done to show it anywhere. :) Things like e` can be written é, but I'm far too lazy and better at reading it this way, which is more or less standard anyway. the ' is written è, and the " is written with three dots over the letter. So if you were going to write the transliteration, you'd probably do it that way, though I find it much more pleasing to write it in Tiri'n itself (where the same marks apply, except in some letters the ` is a straight line coming up from the top of the letter, as you'll see.) I probably should have mentioned this in the last post, doh. :) If you're interested in tiri'n itself, I'll have to draw up a chart for you, I don't have one off hand. It's really fun and logical. :) -Kendra -- Vade Mecum (comic)