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From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Friday, December 14, 2007, 18:25
Mark Reed wrote:
>I was looking for the term for the "ah" sound, and went by this page: > > >
Interesting, useful and illuminating! With minor exceptions (to be expected I guess), it matches my lect. Disagree on: pulse-- FOOT not STRUT cuckoo-- GOOSE not FOOT (this IMO is a genuine error-- the international word is [kuku] with variable stress, no?) buoy-- GOOSE not CHOICE -- ['bu(w)i] for me, perhaps a spelling pronunc.; we didn't see many buoys out in S.Dakota :-))-- I do recall puns involving bellboy vs. bell buoy, however. Koran [k_hO'r\&n], rationale [r\&S@'n&l], panorama [p_h&n@'r\&m@]-- TRAP not PALM; and "lava" can vary between the two ['l&v@ ~'lAv@]; OK on [k_hO'r\An] if I'm being careful and up-to-date, or speaking Indonesian [kUr'?An] (the dict. gives both "Kor'an" and "Kur'an", as well as "koran" 'newspaper' tho that wasn't the usual word in my experience) I disagree with the inclusion of idea, Korea, museum, real, ideal, in the /Ir/ NEAR set, these are sequences of {stressed V + unstr. V} IMO; furthermore they're mostly ['i(j)@], except "idea" which can also be [aj'dI@], and "museum" [mju'zI@m] often (casual sp.) [mju'zIm] -- yes, I know "idea, Korea" can take on a final -r, but that dialect is somewhat stigmatized in US. Question about the /I/ KIT set: what about the final -y in pretty, busy-- that's closer to /i/, but not mentioned in /i/ FLEECE set. As I recall, US Phonemics, which used /i/ for /I/ and /iy/ for /i/, had a problem with final y too-- I don't recall e.g. "busy" as /biziy/, but memory could be fading on that point; I think /iy/ was used only in stressed position. In any case, the stressed/unstr. vowels of ['bIzi] and ['prIti] aren't phonetically "the same" _for me_. My guess is that US /i/ could have been described as having "allophone [I] in all positions except in unstressed final position where it has allophone short-[i] " so "busy" could have been phonemicized /bizi] -- but it was one of those neither-this-nor-that problems, like the quality of vowels before /r/ or /N/.


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