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From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Saturday, December 15, 2007, 23:40
Paul Roser wrote:
> >> >> ROGER MILLS wrote: > >I know. My phonetics course was a long time ago, in Summer of 1964, >taught > >by (I'm sure) a disciple of Ladefoged, who was also in residence that > >summer. In addition to her text (Xeroxed, due to be published, but it >never > >happened, as she died shortly thereafter), (snips)
> >(These special symols had a heavy dot on on the end of the upper curve of > >[a] and reversed-c.) > >Those symbols sound like two of the additions included in Gordon Peterson & >June Shoup's >proposed physiological- and auditory-based phonetics, published in the 1966 >Journal of >Speech and Hearing. It's actually quite well thought out, though some of >their ideas have >been superceded by recent phonetic research (such as the work of Esling, >Edmondson & >Harris on states of the glottis, voice quality & pharyngeal-laryngeal >articulation). Peterson >& Shoup's phonetic chart incorporated vowels and consonants into one chart, >with >pharyngeals and glottals below vowels. >
Well well!! that would be exactly it, or certainly a version of it. I'm ashamed to say I was unaware it had been published, though I wonder if the journal article is a shortened version-- Ms. Shoup's text was a HUGE volume, which I still have packed away somewhere. (She was my teacher-- the TAs however were English-speaking UM grad students, and while they seemed proficient, it's possible some of the finer details didn't make it through their/our L1 filters :-) )