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Polish medieval terminology

From:Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
Date:Monday, December 16, 2002, 7:07

For those Polish speakers out there, and/or history buffs, I have a couple
translation questions:

1. What's the English for ?półpancerz?? It's a suit of armor that comes down
only to the waist..."hauberk" is the closest I can think of, but I have the
feeling that's not quite right.

2. What on Earth is a ?landsknecht?? This is from a Mrożek story, and the
context is ?Nasz Dom Towarowy otrzymał czterysta nowych półpancerzy, model
XVI wiek, używany swego czasu przez landsknechtów?.

I have to do a translation of this story for my Polish Literature class, and
this is holding up the whole operation. :)

Bardzo dziękuję,

Josh Brandt-Young <vionau@...>
"After the tempest I behold, once more, the weasel."
(Mispronunciation of Ancient Greek)


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