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Re: Do you speak english?

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2006, 6:29
Remi Villatel wrote:
> > An easy translation exercise: > > Do you speak [insert your conlang name]? >
OK, not much to say about Kash... The absolutely neutral and correct way to ask: aka hasende kaç? ['aka xa'sEnde 'kaS] (with rising intonation) aka ha-sende kaç Q 2s-speak ... colloq. and somewhat fast speech: ak' kasende kaç? ['a?ka'sEndi'kaS] slightly less formal/correct (in descending order) hasendeka kaç? [xa'sEndek@ 'kaS] ha-sende-ka 2s=speak-Q sendeka kaç? ['sEndek@ 'kaS] rising inton. sendeti kaç [sEn'deti 'kaS] rising inton. --quite colloq. sende-ti = speak-2s/poss, also = language-your All these colloq.forms could shift the /-e/ of _sende_ to [i], quite frowned upon. Very formal: to nobility, insert the title or honorific, and vb. in 3d pers. aka .... yasende kaç Q ... 3s-speak kash Insert: calengi [tSa'lEngi] 'excellency', karun ['karun] 'duke;ruler', karuñe [karu'Je] if female; mesa, rona, sina, prana ['mesa, 'rona, 'sina, 'prana] children of nobility, by birth order-- one would use these terms throughout. prasimbi, pralumbi M/F resp. 'm'lord, sir; m'lady, ma'am' to high govt.officials and/or spouses, titled or not-- once formalities were out of the way, one could dispense with the honorific and revert to the 2s pfx ha- One would use the professional title for doctors, judges, senior professors, elderly priests and abbots, etc. Obsequious clerk in a fancy store, to presumably well-heeled customer: aka simbi/lumbi hasende kaç Does Sir/Madam speak Kash? ========================================== Completely OT: My own weird experience-- I needed a fine-mesh strainer, fast, in order to sift some sawdust (don't ask why); rather than go 1-1/2 miles to the local supermkt, I went just a few blocks downtown to the fancy kitchen-supply store. All they had was a German import, $8.00-- As I was about to hand over the money, I asked the clerk-- gay, according to my gaydar-- Isn't there anything cheaper? to which he replied, Only you, dear. (Evidently his gaydar was working too; and fortunately I have a sense of humor... but it was a jolt for a moment. Perhaps I didn't look well-heeled enough.) The strainer has served me well for many years.