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Do you speak english?

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2006, 0:39
Hi there,

An easy translation exercise:

Do you speak [insert your conlang name]?

Because it's so easy, I demand politeness, deference or formalism (you
choose) in the question, the pronunciation (CXSAMPA), the IMT
(Interlinear Morphemic Translations) and/or a very literal translation.

Here I start:

(ō = "o + macron" for the Unicode illiterates.) ;-)

sōji çakesar gea, tul'xeje sjiyō'zorja ?
[sOji: CakesaX ge"a], [tu4(u)'Zeje sjiWO:'zo.Xja]

sōji      çakesar       gea,
GNR+CIRC  Shaquelingua  INST.POSTP,

tul 'xeje      sjiyō    'zo  -rja

= Can you give yourself to perceive through Shaquelingua?

Shorter version:

xe tule çakesar sjiyō'zorja ?
[Ze: tule CakesaX sjiWO:'zo.Xja]

xe       tule  çakesar       sjiyō    'zo  -rja

= Can you give (some) Shaquelingua to perceive?

ATEMP: ATEMPoral tense (habits or universal facts)
CIRC: CIRCumstantial case
DEFR: DEFeRential prefix
DOTA: DOTAtive particle (immaterial object/Flux out of Initiator)
FLX: FLuX case
GNR: GeNeRic quantifier (concepts and ideas)
INI: INItiator case
INST: INSTrumental
POT: POTential mode
UNQ: UNQuantitative quantifier (undefined quantity)

ji kaçtōlu soe, [ji: ka.CtO4u so"e] (= one soon until)

Remi Villatel


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