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Re: Do you speak english?

From:taliesin the storyteller <taliesin-conlang@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2006, 13:00
* Remi Villatel said on 2006-03-27 02:38:55 +0200
> Hi there, > > An easy translation exercise: > > Do you speak [insert your conlang name]? > > Because it's so easy, I demand politeness, deference or formalism (you > choose) in the question, the pronunciation (CXSAMPA), the IMT > (Interlinear Morphemic Translations) and/or a very literal translation.
* High register: vriš uíl uleìne tāruvenið /vriS u\i)l u\lei)ne tA:ru\veniD/ vriš uíl uleìne tāruven -ið Q.YN 2s.E sing,speak Taruven -BEN F pro vexp Name NSuf "Do you speak Taruven?" Q.YN: frontword for yes-no questions 2s.E: 2nd person singular experiencer pronoun (high register) BEN: benefactive case, used instead of a clause after an experiencer-verb * Formal to the degree of being impolite: vriš ryel uleìne tāruvenið .... ry -el ...... ......... .... this -EXP ...... ......... "Does this one speak Taruven?" ry /ry_0/: this * Definitely impolite: vriš oon yuleìne tāruvenið .... o -on y- uleìne ......... .... 3s.- -INS PAS- sing,speak ... "Does it speak Taruven?" o /u/: 3rd singular *inanimate* pronoun, cannot be subject -on /un/: instrumental case y- /y_0/: "passive" marker -------------------------------- I'm not *quite* happy with doing it this way... t.


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