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Re: Do you speak english?

From:Dennis Paul Himes <himes@...>
Date:Monday, March 27, 2006, 3:31
Remi Villatel <maxilys@...> wrote;
> > An easy translation exercise: > > Do you speak [insert your conlang name]? > > Because it's so easy, I demand politeness, deference or formalism (you > choose) in the question, the pronunciation (CXSAMPA), the IMT > (Interlinear Morphemic Translations) and/or a very literal translation.
Gladilatian: Napu mehyohot nyhyamset u? /'na pu/ /me 'hjo hot/ /ni hja 'msEt/ /u/ You [are] associated-with.gladifer.(abstractor) (question).user-of.language someone. Literally: Are you someone who uses the language associated with gladiferkind? Less formally: Mehyohot nyhyamset napu? (Although the first form isn't really all that formal.) Seezzitonian: Maluwe, bettapaapizznnii Paapaitijizz Seezzitoyit? (asking a woman) Malai, bettapaapizznnii Paapaitijizz Seezzitoyit? (asking a man) /mA 'lu we/ (/mA 'laI/) /bE t_dA 'p& pID n_di/ /'p& paI tI ZID/ /'se DI to jIt/ kind-one-VOC question-speak-SUBJ-PRES-2S language-ACC-SUBJ-PRES Seezzito-ASS-TS VOC - vocative SUBJ - subjunctive PRES - present 2S - 2nd person singular ACC - accusative ASS - associtative TS - transportable singular Literally: Kind one, do you speak the language of Seezzito? =========================================================================== Dennis Paul Himes <> Gladilatian page: Seezzitonian page: Disclaimer: "True, I talk of dreams; which are the children of an idle brain, begot of nothing but vain fantasy; which is as thin of substance as the air." - Romeo & Juliet, Act I Scene iv Verse 96-99