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Re: Lojban qua IAL

From:Robert J. Petry <ambassador@...>
Date:Wednesday, November 4, 1998, 16:44
John Cowan wrote:

> [kut] > > But Lojbab has said that Lojban has no real chance to become *the* > IAL unless Esperanto collapses =E0 la Volap=FCk, which is most improbab=
> Consequently, we do make our basic brochure available in Esperanto > as well as Spanish, French and English, and for the same reasons. > One day we would like to make *all* our material available in > Esperanto (and French and Spanish and ...), but so far have found no > takers for the arduous effort of translation.
This could be a good example to illustrate the need for an "at sight" IAL for purposes of cutting down on excess need for multiple translations. Esperantists, French, Spanish, German, English, etc. and more can read th= e text and learn Lojban. Lojban es dessinat esser usat de popules in communication con li un e li altri, e possibil in li futuri con computeres. Lojban es dessinat esser neutral de cultur. Li grammatica de Lojban es basat sur li principie de logic. Lojban have un grammatica unambigu. Lojban have... etc. etc. Theoretically, one translation would be easier to do than a half dozen or more. This is what I am doing with RLR at the moment. And, I suggest this= as a possibility for your project. Al l sue, Bob, x+
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