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Re: The cost of time

From:Clint Jackson Baker <litrex1@...>
Date:Monday, February 11, 2002, 16:21
This thread caused me to consider for the first time
how to express this.  I had two things to take into
account: 1) the tendency in Kayasanoda is, as much as
possible, to convert an entire "verbal thought" into a
verb, rather than to split it between a verb and
adverbial phrase (but this varies greatly on the
situation).  2) I have the advantage of having two
words for time, as I transliterated them from French:
"suwa" (from Fr. "fois"), and "tana" (from Fr.
"temps").  Obviously, suwa is an occurence whereas
tana is a prolonged period or era.

So, it seemed to me that instead of "spending one's
time" (which doesn't really fit the Kayasanoda mindset
anyway--can I say that without having a conculture?),
"time" itself should be the verb, hence:
suwa= as above

How do you like that approach?


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> --- froge sionk William Annis... > > In English one "spends" time. Sometimes you pass > time. > > > > It just occured to me I have no way in Vaior to > say "I spent much > > of > > today reading." > > > > How do other languages handle this idea? I'm > thinking mostly about > > natlangs, but conlangs that have avoided the > monetary associations > > would be interesting to me, too. > > > > i just have a verb (evwen) that means "to > spend/use/pass time"... > > ...nicole > > ===== > shmuli atae muhnkia-jiqek qelek nimmekel-Luddiga blå > apor-flauschige blaue Affen-tódifai kówainG > MANgKIWi-mêndos êzoros faffalos-khami zhaftami nuri > xhan-jasánni júñi jakihéññi-Moncaithe gorma > clúmhacha-Monhyey ngonul hweyaru > ryehyumeru-muncaidhean gorma > molach-jhachtaraadkimyo-monos peludos > azules-pushistye sinie obe?iany-zçínesfersaup > sülíraup böfparaup-k?dzierzawe niebieskie > ma?py-cirmos ke'k majmok-fuzzi serule > mini-primate-Hlässöbonakkäa Jonäjë-pluizige blauwe > aapjes-menomeno yanubi wayanoso-monkátí kosipi > eyoh-macacos nebulosos azuis-pukhnasti blakytni > mavpy-lådne blå aber > > __________________________________________________ > Do You Yahoo!? > Send FREE Valentine eCards with Yahoo! Greetings! >
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