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Re: Egyptian writing more ancient than thought

From:alypius <krazyal@...>
Date:Thursday, July 22, 1999, 1:19
>>> Does anyone else feel as strongly as I do that postings that force a >>> Email client to dialup should earn a temporary ban from the list? >> >>Which email client? This message contains both plaintext and >>HTML versions, which is annoying to the MIME-deprived, but there's >>nothing magic about it. If your >>client tries to access the Internet under those circumstances, >>there is something wrong with *it*. The message is quite >>conformant. > >It included these two statements: > ><BODY aLink=#780000 background=../images/backgrnd/paper/paper01.jpg >bgColor=#e3c797 link=#780000 vLink=#780000> > ><IMG align=bottom height=1 src="../images/bar%26butn/purp_bar.gif" >width=540 NATURALSIZEFLAG = 0><FONT size=+1> >Still, I expect the person who sent it did it by mistake
Indeed, I'm not computer literate enough to do it on purpose! :-) ~alypius