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demuan 101: articles

From:Fabian <rhialto@...>
Date:Saturday, April 10, 1999, 18:21
Emphasis is created by prefixing ja (sing) or yi (plur) to the article,
except the indefinate article, which cannot be emphasised. It may seem
strange to call possessive adjectives and demonstrative pronouns as
articles, but they are functionally just that as used in English.

        sing    plur
a       -       xe
the     ja      yi

my      kinde   kender
thy     linde   lender
his     winde   wender
our     skinde  skender
your    slinde  slender
their   xwinde  xwender

this    ki      ker
that    li      ler
yon     wi      wer

wi/wer carries a connotation of being so distant that neither speaker nor
listener is likely to possess/ever go to said object/place.

bama - every, all, both
nani - a few, either
nene - no, neither

lama - the general concept of [noun]

related question words
whose   zinde    zender
which   zi       zer

Rule One: Question the unquestionable,
ask the unaskable, eff the ineffable,
think the unthinkable, and screw the inscrutable.