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Re: Lost in Space....err, Time

From:Tony Harris <tony.harris@...>
Date:Friday, February 5, 1999, 0:35
Jim Hopkins v=EDlel=FB:
>It may be, Steg, that your language has a life of its own and is trying =
>tell you something. Perhaps there are socio-cultural reasons that this >admixture of forms is taking place.....? Why not go with it and see =
where it
As I've shared often in the past, this is something that I feel very = strongly regarding Aluric. There are several constructions, a lot of = vocabulary, and even some of the phonology that I periodically look at = and say "wouldn't it be better if..." but no matter what I come up with, = if it isn't Aluric, it isn't Aluric, no matter how cool it seems. I = have learned, after a few blind alleys like that, to let the language be = itself and to "discover" it rather than to "create" it. Tony Harris Community College of Vermont