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USAGE: Pop, smearcase, kolaches

From:Melissa Phong <melissap@...>
Date:Thursday, December 9, 1999, 18:23
>Quoth Jeffrey Henning: >> I heard that plenty growing up in eastern Ohio, though some of my relati=
>> would have said, "that shirt needs warshed." Oh, how I miss my >> grandmother -- she warshed, she sat on the davenport, she bought us pop,=
>>she liked smearcase, she made kolaches, she swept (rather than vacuumed o=
>> hoovered), she sat on the shore teaching me to suck... eggses... eggses=20=
>> is! And she did a hundred other wonderful things that have nothing to d=
>> with American dialects.
Then Don replied:
>snip >As for the nifty things your gramma did, I have to say I haven't heard >*any* of them before *except* for "davenport", which my grandparents >(from South Dakota) used. They never used any other word for it >("couch", "sofa") that I remember, but nor did anyone else I knew ever >use that word. Funny thing.
Don, you mean you're one of those *gasp* soda people? Jeffrey, I got to ask, what the heck is (are?) smearcase and kolaches? Somebody asked whether people's conlangs have dialects. Mine doesn't yet (I= =20 want to get the main language into shape first), but I plan to have them. I= n=20 my mind, dialects is one of the most fun things about language. P.S. My great aunt and uncle came down from Warshington to give me their ol= d=20 davenport just this weekend. They couldn't stay for "supper" though. : )