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OT: The Interpreter

From:Sally Caves <scaves@...>
Date:Saturday, April 23, 2005, 5:11
Went to see "The Interpreter" with Nicole Kidman.  We cried our eyes out.
With laughter.  I'll say no more.  SPOILERS:

Two questions... this is rather more on-topic than off.  But when I lived in
Geneva, and had interpreter friends, one of them told me that it is actually
very rare for an interpreter to be able to interpret both ways effortlessly.
And that one usually interprets INTO one's native language.  Does this
square?  Is it common for interpreters to be hired for more than two

Second, for those who've seen it, what was the African language they had
Nicole interpreting both ways in?

Thirdly, why would Philippe, who has up till this point spoken to her
exclusively in French, be writing her a letter in English?  That the
romantic Sean Penn could read to her?

Fourthly, isn't it "an autobiography BY" and not "an autobiography OF"?
Just another English Usage question, but I suspect somebody got biography
mixed up with autobiography.

Just checking, because I mix them up myself.

Better editing?



Gregory Gadow <techbear@...>