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Re: Conlanging in the news

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Saturday, April 23, 2005, 2:09
Herman Miller wrote:

> I thought about getting that game the other day, but I'm not yet done > with Sly 2, Paper Mario, or Baten Kaitos, so I passed it up for the > moment. Maybe I should go ahead and get it anyway just to check out the > language.
So yesterday I stopped on my way home from work and got a copy of the game. There aren't a whole lot of Xbox games that have looked interesting to me, and Jade Empire was one I was eventually wanting to get anyway. Most of the dialogue at the start of the game is in English, but there are a couple of characters who speak Tho Fan. (While googling for Tho Fan, I ran across this interesting link: could be the source of the language's name? It's hard to tell much about the language from the handful of lines of dialogue that I've heard so far, but my initial impression is that it does a pretty good job of sounding like a realistic language and not much like English. Some of the lines are quite a bit shorter than their English translations, which makes me wonder if the English was rewritten after the lines were recorded (which would be one advantage of using a language that no one speaks) or if the Tho Fan lines were kept short to save disk space. There were a couple of cases where names were mentioned in the English text, but I didn't notice the names being used in the Tho Fan speech. If the translations don't match, who's going to know, right? Then again, maybe I'm just not listening closely enough.


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