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Re: rhotics

From:Benct Philip Jonsson <conlang@...>
Date:Saturday, July 7, 2007, 8:07
On 6.7.2007 Jeff Rollin wrote:
 > In general, I detest digraphs. The only excuses for them,
 > in my view, are either that they are used in the same or a
 > similar way as those in the language of the conlanger's
 > intended audience (for example, I assume that the audience
 > for most people on this list would consist of English
 > speakers, in the main, so using "ch" for a sound like that
 > in "chutney" is ok),

I might grudgingly use digraphs for that reason e.g. if I
used a conlang in a story which was also adressed at a non-
linguistically inclined audience, like Tolkien's switch from
ð to dh in Sindarin. Thus I might replace Sohlob _c, ç, q_
with _ch, sh, gh_.

 > OR the reading is intuitive - thus using "h" for
 > aspirates, etc.

I will in general only use digraphs for aspirates,
affricates and secondary articulations (e.g. consonant + y
for palatalized consonants in Kijeb). For some reason I can
also live with h + sonorant for voiceless sonorants. I guess
that feels like a natural assimilation to me.



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