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Re: CONLANG Digest - 4 Oct 1998 to 5 Oct 1998

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Wednesday, October 7, 1998, 3:41
On Tue, 6 Oct 1998 13:17:46 -0500, "Sheets, Jeff" <JSheets@...>

> Surveys have >run rampant recently, here's a three question survey. Would you >consider the term "Bizarre" as a reasonable adjective to describe the >pastime of conlanging? Would you describe your conlang as bizarre? >What would you translate bizarre as in your language(s)?
Conlanging bizarre? To a degree, but not really any more so than other hobbies. There are people, for instance, who travel around the world to check off as many bird species as they can find and identify. (I just collect bird field guides and bird song recordings from around the world, which is unusual enough in itself.) Most of my languages are more mundane than bizarre. I have a few = languages with odd syntax or unusual vocabulary: Noru has no verbs, for instance. I don't have a word specifically meaning "bizarre" in any of my = languages, as far as I can remember; I'd probably use an augmentative form of "strange"; "quazixia" in Olaetyan, or "vuzom" in Jarrda.