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Re: Phonology - request for comments

From:Josh Roth <fuscian@...>
Date:Monday, August 30, 1999, 6:55
In a message dated 8/30/1999 1:01:47 AM, raccoon@ELKNET.NET writes:

>Until this point, my Proto-Dhak phonology has looked like this (monospaced >font is helpful!): > > UVP AUVP VP UVF VF N A >bilabial p p_h b p\ B m w >dental t_d t_d_h d_h T D n_d l >alveolar t t_h d s z n r >palatal j >velar k k_h g x G N >uvular q q_h G\ X R N\ >glottal ? ?_h h
>A=approximant or other
>3) This system seems too "ordinary" to me; I want something more "exotic," >yet still organized nicely and with few gaps (such as the fricatives without >corresponding stops cited in #2).
One problem, IMHO, is your A category, which you loosely defined as "approximant or other." You put in it the common grouping of a bilabial-velar approximant (I'm not familiar with X-SAMPA, but I think that "w" represents a bilabial velar trill [it does in IPA], which is the one used in English and many other languages), a palatal approximant, a lateral dental approximant, and an alveolar trill. Why not just make it all approximants, or all trills? And why make the dental one lateral and the others not, other than because it conforms to other languages' phonologies? There's nothing wrong with having non-lateral dental approximants, or velar or uvular appoximants, or velar or uvular lateral approximants. Or you could do bilabial, alveolar, velar and uvular trills. You could also make any or all of these unvoiced! This system isnt really organized as nicely as it looks, since the last column is really a smushing together of what should really be three separate columns and one extra row (if you do mean to use a bilabial-velar approximant - it would be more interesting if you decided to make it just bilabial). Just my $0.02. :-) Josh Roth